Ethical commitments


Commitment 1 – Aim for the lowest possible environmental impact

  • 1A – Hosting must be efficient, powererd by green energy only, and certified as such
    • Website hosted by OVH Cloud Canada, with 100% green energy (Powered by the Beauharnois hydroelectric plant located 300m from the datacenter) – Source
    • Datacenter has a PUE of 1.09 (Power Usage Effectiveness) – Source
    • Servers cooled by an efficient water-cooling system – Source
    • Hosting certified Green by The Green Web Foundation – Source

  • 1B – The developer must agressively aim for the smallest page sizes possible
    • Images served in WebP format or SVG
    • Images obsessively compressed (lossy) to reduce page size
    • Zero embed fonts
    • Zero javascript
    • Quantity of code (HTML / CSS) reduced to the minimum
    • Zero code specific to old/deprecated browsers: less code, less loading time, less energy consumed. (Update your browser!)

  • 1C : The web server must only use optimized, energy-efficient software
    • This server only uses bleeding-edge software (Nginx 1.19, PHP 8.0, MariaDB 10.5) to ensure the best performance and the lowest energy consumption possible (compared to older versions)

  • 1D : The web server must use the latest networking technologies to reduce the size and number of requests between server, client, and external resources
    • HTTP/2 used to reduce the number of requests between client and server – Test it here
    • Datacenter is located close to the majority of customers (Less hops = less energy wasted)
    • All content is served gzipped
This website is hosted Green - checked by

Commitment 2 – Offer the best security / encryption to visitors

  • 2A : Only the latest encryption technologies must be used
    • All traffic to this website redirects to HTTPS
    • TLS1.3 is enabled
    • Only strong ciphersuites are used
    • DNSSEC is enabled
    • HSTS is enabled
    • HSTS preloading is enabled
    • DNS CAA policy is deployed
    • Server key uses Elliptic Curve (EC384 bits)
    • ECDH x25519 is used

  • 2B : Tests must be made monthly to check for opportunities to improve encryption.

Commitment 3 – Buy local

  • 3A : The domain name must be bought locally
    • The domain ( is registered at CanSpace (Toronto, Canada)
  • 3B : The website must be hosted as close as possible to the target audience
    • This website is hosted by OVH Cloud (Beauharnois, Canada)

Commitment 4 – Use open-source software only

No proprietary software is used. This website uses the following open-source software:

  • Ubuntu
  • Nginx
  • PHP
  • MariaDB
  • Certbot
  • OpenSSL
  • WordPress
  • Yoast SEO
  • Polylang