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Whether you're embarking on an e-commerce project or a complete overhaul of your business processes, my role is to guide you to the appropriate technical solutions and assist you during all phases of your project, from initial design to operational support. My technical background allows me to offer unique, sustainable solutions to your very own needs.

A precious expertise that will guide you through each step of your project

Audit - Strategy - Development - Integration - Hosting - Optimization - Analytics - Training - Support

Bleeding-edge tech.
Efficient development process.
Constant eye on performance, security, and privacy.
Zero bullshit.

Website development

Website Development

I build fast, dynamic, responsive websites using the best technologies on the market. Thanks to templates and open-source software, my solutions are extremely affordable.

Website development


I will analyze your needs and guide you to the best platform (Magento, Shopify, or WooCommerce) depending on your goals and budget.

SEO Audit and Optimization


I will analyse and focus on what your visitors and search engines actually want to see: Content that is engaging, pertinent, and organized.

Performance and optimization


I will test your website against the most rigorous benchmarks and work on multiple fronts (code, software & server configuration) to drastically improve its performance.

Website Integration


I will integrate your e-commerce platform to Payment processors, ERP solutions, Inventory, Shipping tools, E-Mailing, etc.

Website Integration

Replatforming & Upgrade

I will transition your old website to a performant new platform, and help you in the update processes that are so critical to the security of your website.

Website Integration

Desperate measures

I will help you regain control of your website during desperate times (Breakdown, hack, change of partner, etc.).

Website Integration

Digital Minimalism

I will Konmari the hell out of your website. I have seen websites built by extremely inexperienced developers with countless plugins and horrendous load times. I have conquered them. I will conquer yours as well.

Website Integration

Hosting upgrade

My expertise allows me to configure blazingly fast but affordable VPS hostings, thanks to bleeding-edge, free, open-source software.

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